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Gmod RP (DarkRP) Quick Tutorial.

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Gmod RP (DarkRP) Quick Tutorial. Empty Gmod RP (DarkRP) Quick Tutorial.

Post  Kazu on Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:01 pm

Getting started.

First of all you want to download the map and probably a few addons, Go to or the current RP server you're playing at's website. Remember the more addons you have you don't need to download so much. The map is required, if you don't have it you'll get disconnected at the end of your download. Also it would be smart to register on the server's site.

Inside the Server

Now that you're in the server the first thing you want to do is to select a job. Press f4 to open the main menu, go to jobs and pick what you'll like. If it's your first time you should start at something simple, but if you want to earn much money you should do something harder that earns much money. Everytime you enter the server you can choose whatever job you want. (without admin only and Superadmin on ofcourse.) So you are not binded to the first job you pick, you can also pick a new job whenever you want. Now you have the choice, Build your own house (Not in the middle of the street or anywhere blocking people) or buy one. Remember to always keep a keypad on your door or a way in, or it's propblocking.

Forum, admins and rules.

You always want to be updated with the forum and rules. Checking the forum a few times a week isn't a bad idea. Before starting to Roleplay you should read all the rules and ask Admins/Owners if you have any questions. Breaking the rules can lead into punishment.

Propkilling - Killing people with a prop, world prop or your own prop it doesnt matter it's not allowed. Only allowed to use if there is no Admins online and you need to keep a minge away from stuff.

Propblocking - Locking/trapping someone with your prop/worldprop or blocking of something, like the street. Again only allowed to use against minges.

- Killing people for no reason at all or an invalid reason.

Random Arresting - Arresting people for no reason or invalid reason.

If anyone breaks these rules please contact the owners or Admins as soon as possible, or write something about it on this forum. We'll look at it as soon as possible.

If anyone have question on how to build simple things, such as a keypad, please ask me in-game or on Steam.

How to -

Change from Previous banned to guest - Prove that you have learned.

Get Respected - Don't break any rules, prove yourself trustworthy enough.

Get Admin - Make an Admin apply, Soon it might be able to donate aswell.

Get Superadmin - Do very special things for the owners such as coding/scripting anything, Probably donate later. Hard to get, Pm me in Steam.

Get Co-Owner - You can't.


A pretty shabby tutorial, contact me if you have any questions on _mattyboy_ (steam) or (Msn) also reply on this post or make your own topic in Help/Feedback, Your questions should be answered shortly. - Cheers

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Gmod RP (DarkRP) Quick Tutorial. Empty Re: Gmod RP (DarkRP) Quick Tutorial.

Post  Raijin on Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:30 am

You answered all my questions, but one. I'll ask you via PM. Very Happy


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