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Ranks within the R.E.I.S.T.U.

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Ranks within the R.E.I.S.T.U. Empty Ranks within the R.E.I.S.T.U.

Post  Raijin on Sun Mar 28, 2010 5:55 pm

R.E.I.S.T.U. Soldier:

The soldiers works as an elite unit that only the government and the leader of R.E.I.S.T.U. can send out. The soldiers are fast, clean, and organized;
An elite of the elite. They only take direct orders from the mysterious leader of R.E.I.S.T.U., who is known as, the "G-Man", but the governor/mayor/leader
of the city is allowed to send the unit out to take care of a job that is not possible for the police/SWAT to do. The soldiers are plucked and picked by
the leader of R.E.I.S.T.U.

R.E.I.S.T.U. Assassin:

There are only a few R.E.I.S.T.U. assassins, which have been selected from various army units, such as the Navy, SWAT, and so on; Only those who have top
scores; one who is over "elite". They are fast, clean, silent, ruthless, and hella good at their work. The assassins can be used as information gatherers, spies, a special unit, etc.
They only take direct orders from the leader of R.E.I.S.T.U. The assassins are plucked and picked by the mysterious leader of R.E.I.S.T.U.

R.E.I.S.T.U. Security Guard:

The guards works as a special guard unit, which is hired to protect important people, such as the governor/mayor. They are organized, disciplined,
intelligent, and expensive. The guards are chosen by the leader of R.E.I.S.T.U. only. They are the best guards out there; the elite of the elite.

R.E.I.S.T.U. Assistant/Right-Hand:

The right-hand of the R.E.I.S.T.U. leader works as a messenger for the G-Man (R.E.I.S.T.U. leader). Only the right-hand has a direct link to the G-man and
is the only one who has actually -seen- the leader. The right-hand is trained in the most disgusting ways, to 'survive' interrogations if the right-hand gets
caught or arrested.

R.E.I.S.T.U. G-Man:

Not much is known about the leader of R.E.I.S.T.U. It is said that the leader possess direct links to the combine forces and is possible to do impossible
things. Rumors say that the leader of R.E.I.S.T.U. is an advisor, disguised as a human, but again: Rumors.


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