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Edward admin abusing [proof]

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Edward admin abusing [proof] Empty Edward admin abusing [proof]

Post  Mango on Tue Jan 15, 2013 9:44 pm

I was playing on rp_bangclaw on infinity and Edward kept teleporting to me and saying "Aliens". I thought this was weird and unfunny but I ignored the first time. He returned by teleporting back to me and repeating it. I said "I would laugh but youre not very funny".

He then kicks me from the server causing me to lose items and wastes my time. I rejoined saying " Wow the admins kicked me for not laughing at his joke, what a sad world we live in"

He then kicks me again with this reason. "Not laughing at my jokes and complaining about it"

I th ink he sh ould have his admin removed because hes a minge and ruins peoples gameplay.

Edward admin abusing [proof] 1z23gjm


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