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Unban Request for Loki0790 / Rick Ceefor

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Unban Request for Loki0790 / Rick Ceefor Empty Unban Request for Loki0790 / Rick Ceefor

Post  Loki on Wed May 08, 2013 12:12 am

Steam ign - Loki0790
Dark RP ign - Rick Ceefor

Hi there, I've recently started playing Dark RP and I've come across this server. It seemed cool so I stayed for hours on end. I really enjoyed my experience here, and invited some of my friends, too. On May 6, 2013 at roughly 8:30 EST, I was banned from this server. I don't know why and got no explanation. My friends who were on asked why I was banned, no response. I believe a fellow of the name "Slyfighter", or something like that, banned me for a year. Before hand, I was given a car by a very kind CP, and decided to test it out. It was my first time driving in-game and I accidently hit a few people. I apologized and continued on my way. When I drove by the entrance to my base, it was blocked off by the Hobo Empire (Not even making this up), and I got stuck in their keypad door. In the middle of typing, asking an admin to tp out to un-stuck me, I got banned. I wasn't hacking, cheating, or breaking any rules (besides maybe the car incident, It wasn't RDM). If anything I'd like an explanation.

P.S - I did join about an hour later, and I wasn't banned. I joined earlier today to see if my unban was still active, but alas, it was not. I'm still banned.

Thanks for reading,
- Loki0790 / Rick Ceefor


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